Posted to OER Commons by Dr. Connie Blomgren and Emily Metherel. This unit provides an opportunity to explore colour theory while encountering Alberta-based artist Annora Brown and her connections to Indigenous cultures. OER Commons has many openly licensed items to use and adapt. Content is U.S.-centric  and more teacher-authored material would add considerable value.

Saskatchewan School Division resource hub, created in partnership with OER Commons. Aligned with Saskatchewan outcomes. Represents a significant development in K-12 OER in Canada, and is the first large-scale OERCommons project from Canada.

A wide range of lessons to support instruction of French as a Second Language (aligned with Alberta outcomes). All content is original, developed by Education students under the direction of Dr. Greg Ogilvie University of Lethbridge Faculty of Education. The Creative Commons License is displayed on the home page. Adding it to each PDF is also recommended.

Alberta Regional Professional Development Consortium features a wide range of resources developed by regional consortia. Many resources include Creative Commons Licensing, supporting the belief that resources developed under public funds should be openly licensed.

Alberta's Black Gold Regional Division developed and shared its Engaging Students website under the former Alberta Initiative for School Improvement project (AISI). It continues to grow and resources are now shared under Creative Commons Licensing.  The student-centred tasks and activities are a great starting point for developing and sharing fully developed lessons.

Image: Ladybug on a Lupine.  Source: Wildflowers,,  Education & Resource Development. Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

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Ocean Clouds Sky Header Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay is used under a Pixabay content license